End of year Newsletter 2021 – 2022

Bunscoil Lughaidh Naofa

End of year Newsletter 2021 – 2022

Thankfully we have reached the end of a full year with no closure of school due to the Coronavirus. While it has been a difficult time with lots of absences, we are hopeful that returning to school in September we will be able to resume the contact activities which had to be put on hold this year for the safety of the children.

Some activities thankfully went ahead such as the Christmas Art Competition for all classes. The following girls received prizes.

Christmas Art Winners 2021

Junior: Amelia Rose Courtney, Dinah Van Kinderen, Nessa McCabe

Senior: Ruby Scotson, Gabriela Vitolniece, Fiadh McCaul

Rang I: Naya Wati, Liepa Norkute, Darcie McGarrell.

Rang I & II: Lily Szajko, Aaliya Biju, Keila McNulty, Layla Scotson.

Rang II: Jelena Cusak-Brzak, Jewel Hermosa, Mishael Paul.

Rang III: Agata Krol, Emilia Malinowska, Mariah Reillt.

Rang III & IV: Alexandra Cioaba, Lauren Connolly, Monika Dzintarniece, Ella McMahon.

Rang IV: Chloe Connolly, Nicole Culleton, Bana Wati.

Rang V(Ms.Burke): Georgia Crossan, Emer Lebedeva, Shania Maughan.

Rang V (Mr.Cunningham): Ance Stanga, Grace Rock, Alessia Palamariu.

Rang VI: Katie Mai Lupari, Vanesa Auloseviciute, Ava McEvoy.

Congratulations to the above girls and to all the girls who produced such beautiful art work.

Environmental Quiz

Congratulations to the girls who took part in the Environmental Quiz in St.Louis Secondary school on May 4th. Lily Hourigan Kieran, Clara Martin, Alessia Palamariu and Brooke King Zusters from Rang V. Ava McEvoy, Ellen Burns, Kacey Fitzpatrick and Deva Lubickaite from Rang VI.

School Photographs were taken for all classes by County Photos in May.


The Sacrament of Confirmation was administered to the girls in Rang VI in St.Joseph’s Church on May 7th.  The Children in Rang II received First Holy Communion in Church on May 14th. Congratulations to all the girls and thank you to Ms. Murphy, Ms.Burns and Ms.Conlon who prepared the girls so well for their Sacraments.

Ceol Connected

Monaghan based Drama group “Ceol Connected” visited the school on June 2nd to entertain the children with their music and show. It was a most enjoyable experience to have live performers in the classes.

Amber Flag

Thank you to Ms.Fox who instigated a Mental Health Awareness programme in school. Mental Health Awareness day took place on May 20th where children took part in many fun activities and contributed money to Pieta House. Sincere thank you to all parents who contributed so generously to that worthy facility raising €600. We now have Our Mental Health Awareness Amber flag flying high.

Write a Book Competition

Congratulations to all the children in Rang VI, Rang V, Rang IV and Rang II who wrote a book for the Monaghan Education Centre “Write-a-Book” competition. The following girls were presented with Merit awards in The Garage Theatre Monaghan on June 2nd.

Lily Hourigan Kieran, Brooke King Zustere, Amy Kerley, Michelle Mooney, Naomi McKeown and Lauren Connolly and the following girls also had their books Highly Commended Monika Dzintarniece, Vumilia Luhabanya, Leah Connolly, Sara Bara, Michelle Kawala, Ciara O’Rourke, Nicole Culleton, Nicola Jagielska, Alex Ligere, Mya McGee, Eva Murphy and Clara Martin.

Congratulations to all the girls and their teachers Ms.Murphy, Mr.Cunningham, Ms.Burke, Ms.Fox, Mr.Bowe, Ms. Burns and Mrs. Mc Entee who worked with the girls.

Track and Field

Track and Field athletics took place in the Peace Link Clones on a beautiful evening on June 9th. Once again Bunscoil had a number of medals presented to placed teams.

Well done to Ieva Luksaite, Deimante Luksaite, Beatrise Reinfelde, Aaliya Biju, Claire Campbell, Emerita Kleinberga, Chloe Harrington, Halle Cassidy, Eunice Marques, Kelly McEneaney, Grace Culleton, Michelle Kawala, Sienna Fitzgerald, Jessica Edgar, Sadhbh Maher, Madison Harrington, Alannah Lee, Áine Kiernan, and Emer Lebedeva. And thank you to their parents who accompanied them to that venue.

School Tours

Girls from Rang V and VI visited The Workhouse on the Shercock Road where they learned the sad history of the role of Workhouses in Ireland during the Great Famine “AN Gorta Mór” 1845 – 48.

Thank you to all teachers who organised school Outings for the children before we broke up for Summer Holidays. The children enjoyed their trips away.

Rang VI

We bid farewell to the Rang VI on June 22nd with a gathering of the girls and their parents in school. We wish them well in their second level education in their various different schools. They have received a solid foundation academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually here in Bunscoil and we trust they will continue to be successful in their endeavours and achieve their full potential in Secondary school. We wish them happiness and God’s Blessings in all their future years.

Best wishes to Ms. McEntee

We wish Ms.Siobhán Mc Entee, our Deputy Principal, a very happy retirement. We extend deep gratitude to Siobhán for all the great work and effort that she has put in over the past 26 years in Bunscoil Lughaidh Naofa. She will be greatly missed by the pupils and the staff and we wish her the very best for the future, whatever it may bring. 

Thank you

Finally I extend sincere thanks to all the teachers, our SNAs Una and Sandra, our Secretary Rose, caretaker Mark and cleaners Josephine and Geraldine for their work and contribution ensuring the harmonious running of the school. Thank you to the parents who work collaboratively with the teachers. We wish everyone a very enjoyable and safe summer holiday, whatever the weather! God Bless you all.


School resumes on Thursday 1st September ‘22

Le Gach Dea mhéin